SCAMP 1.6.2 release

Posted by Emmanuel in releases, SCAMP on October 20, 2009 – 21:03
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release SCAMP V1.6.2 has been released! This version adds the following features:
  • support for the UCAC-3 and SDSS-R7 astrometric catalogues (make sure you install the latest version of CDSclient),
  • ability to generate merged catalogues of the detections used for calibration in ASCII, binary FITS or XML-VOTable format. Binary FITS merged catalogues can be reused as local reference catalogues.
  • possibility to select astrometric references within a restricted magnitude range, thanks to the new ASTREFCATMAG_LIMITS configuration parameter,
  • improved compatibility with recent versions (5.9.x) of PLplot (please check this post first and make sure you upgrade to the latest version).

More details can be found in the ChangeLog.

Edit: the compilation problem with gcc has been fixed (thanks to forum members cngeow and srwalker101 for having reported this bug).

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