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SExtractor is a program that builds a catalogue of objects from an astronomical image. Although it is particularly oriented towards reduction of large scale galaxy-survey data, it can perform reasonably well on moderately crowded star fields.

Author: Emmanuel Bertin

What’s new?

Download the latest stable version (V2.19.5)

Both the autoconfigurable source archive and Linux RPM packages are available below. The RPM versions have been optimized to provide the best possible performance on Linux PCs.





Click here to generate a source package of the latest development version (unstable, may not even compile!). Older stable package versions can be found here.


SExtractor User's Manual

User’s Manual

The “official” SExtractor documentation is unfortunately still far from complete; you might want to check out the excellent manual by B.Holwerda: SExtractor for dummies.

Acknowledging SExtractor

Bertin, E. & Arnouts, S. 1996: SExtractor: Software for source extraction, Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement 317, 393 [BibTeX entry].

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