VisiOmatic is a web client for the IIPImage server, which allows to visualize and navigate through large science images from remote locations. It is based on the Leaflet Javascript library, and works on both touch-based and mouse-based devices.

Authors: Emmanuel Bertin (IAP), Chiara Marmo (GEOPS), Ruven Pillay (C2RMF)

What's new?

VisiOmatic demos

Getting and installing VisiOmatic

The VisiOmatic development repository is on GitHub.

To make VisiOmatic work on your system you will need to install first

  1. Download the VisiOmatic package and uncompress it, or get the latest development version with the shell command
    git clone
  2. Copy the VisiOmatic package directory to a path accessible from your HTML server e.g.,
    cp -r visiomatic /var/www/html/
  3. Download and Install the Leaflet library and copy it to a path accessible from your HTML server e.g.,
    cp -r Leaflet /var/www/html/
  4. Convert a set of FITS images with STIFF, e.g.:
    stiff -BITS_PER_CHANNEL -32 -COPY_HEADER Y /path/to/image*.fits -OUTFILE_NAME /path/to/image.ptif
  5. Create a web page to visualize your image: checkout this commented example.
That's it!

Acknowledging VisiOmatic

Bertin, Pillay and Marmo 2015: Web-Based Visualization of Very Large Scientific Astronomy Imagery, Astronomy & Computing 10,43 [PDF] [BibTeX entry].