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SWarp is a program that resamples and co-adds together FITS images using any arbitrary astrometric projection defined in the WCS standard.

Author: Emmanuel Bertin

What’s new?

Download the latest stable version (V2.38.0)

Both the autoconfigurable source archive and Linux RPM packages are available below. The RPM versions have been optimized to provide the best possible performance on Linux PCs.





Click here to generate a source package of the latest development version (unstable, may not even compile!). Older stable package versions can be found here.


The SWarp documentation is complete and reasonably up-to-date (work in progress).

SWarp User's Manual

User’s Manual

Acknowledging SWarp

Bertin et al. 2002: The TERAPIX Pipeline, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 281, 2002 D.A. Bohlender, D. Durand, and T.H. Handley, eds., p. 228 [BibTeX entry].

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