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Posted by Emmanuel in PSFEx, releases, software on November 8, 2010 – 19:15
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PSFEx has been launched! PSFEx  (“PSF Extractor”) extracts models of the Point Spread Function (PSF) from FITS images processed with SExtractor, and measures the quality of images. The generated PSF models can be used for model-fitting photometry or morphological analyses.

PSFEx features:

  • Modelling of any arbitrary non-parametric or parametric, bandwidth-limited, PSF.
  • Reconstruction of PSF from undersampled images using super-resolution on the pixel basis, the Gauss-Laguerre basis, the Karhunen-Loeve basis, or a user-provided vector basis.
  • Modelling of PSF variations as a polynomial function of position in image, or other SExtractor measurements, or numerical FITS header parameters.
  • Tracking of hidden PSF dependencies using Principal Component Analysis.
  • Computation of PSF homogenisation kernels (to convert variable instrumental PSFs to constant round Moffat profiles).
  • Automated selection of point sources.
  • Compatibility with SExtractor FITS or Multi-Extension-FITS catalogue format in input,
  • XML VOTable-compliant output of meta-data.
  • XSLT filter sheet provided for convenient access to metadata from a regular web browser.

Check out the PSFEx homepage.

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