PSFEx  (“PSF Extractor”) extracts models of the Point Spread Function (PSF) from FITS images processed with SExtractor, and measures the quality of images. The generated PSF models can be used for model-fitting photometry or morphological analyses.

Author: Emmanuel Bertin

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Both the autoconfigurable source archive and binary (RPM, DEB) packages for Linux are available below. The binary versions have been optimized to provide the best possible performance on Linux PCs and come statically linked with INTEL’s MKL.





Click here to generate a source package of the latest development version (unstable, may not even compile!).Older stable package versions can be found here.


The PSFEx documentation is up-to-date but not yet complete (advanced features not yet documented).
PSFEx User's Manual

User’s Manual

Acknowledging PSFEx

Bertin 2011: Automated Morphometry with SExtractor and PSFEx, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 442, 2011, Ian N. Evans, Alberto Accomazzi, Douglas J. Mink, and Arnold H. Rots, eds., p. 435 [PDF] [BibTeX entry].

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