SWarp 2.16.0 release

Posted by Emmanuel in releases, SWarp on August 9, 2006 – 22:53
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Version 2.16.0 fixes several bugs and provides VOTable-compliant output for metadata. Bugs fixed:

  • stability issues in RESAMPLE N mode
  • position errors in galactic coordinates
  • TNX stability issues with multithreading
  • segfaults with very long command-lines
  • number of CPUs not properly detected on MacOS and other systems

The main improvements are:

  • new WRITE_XML option to dump a VOTable-compliant meta-data file (including a warning history and error messages)
  • improved efficiency during image combination
  • estimation of maximum exposure time and equivalent gain
  • New BLANK_BADPIXELS option to revert to SWarp 1.x behaviour with zero-weights
  • ICRS now supported
  • updated documentation

The VOTable stuff is the most important change made to this version. The XML file is very similar to the one generated by the latest version of SExtractor. Warnings and fatal error messages are also logged.
I did not have the time for this release to implement new COMBINE_TYPEs as the one suggested by Mischa Schirmer. But I am thinking about it.
Unfortunately I was not able to properly acknowledge all the people in this forum who provided suggestions and bug reports, simply because I don’t know their real names (another good reason to register with your real name)…Rolleyes
Anyway, enjoy this new version! Big Grin

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