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Posted by Emmanuel in MissFITS, PSFEx, releases, SCAMP, SExtractor, SkyMaker, software, STIFF, Stuff, SWarp, WeightWatcher on March 20, 2014 – 18:36
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Upgrades At last! By popular request, the official versions of nine AstrOmatic packages have been updated and include all the improvements from the development versions.Note: It was initially decided not to tag those versions as official until the new features were properly documented, but unfortunately documentation is still lagging behind 🙄 .

Notable changes include:

  • MissFITS 2.8 : bugfixes
  • PSFEx 3.17 : bugfixes, support for the MKL, improved regularization, output star catalogue
  • SCAMP 2.0.1 : bugfixes, support for the MKL, proper motions, additional reference catalogues, TPV projections, “pre-distorted” mode, non-linear variable distortions, new selection criteria and an improved solver
  • SExtractor 2.19.5 : bugfixes, support for MKL, new MODEL-fitting parameters, differential model-fitting photometry, SPREAD_MODEL star/galaxy classifier and shear measurements
  • SkyMaker 3.10.5 : bugfixes, support for MKL, improved galaxy sampling, Sérsic models, PSF datacubes
  • STIFF 2.4 : bugfixes
  • Stuff 1.26 : bugfixes, support for constant shear and IGM absorption
  • SWarp 2.38 : bugfixes, new weight-oriented combination modes, dedicated resampling and combination modes for flag maps, clipped mean combination modeTPV projections, and file descriptor containment
  • WeightWatcher 1.12 : bugfixes

Stay tuned for new developments in the coming days!

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  1. huozx posted on December 18, 2014 at 9:11 | Permalink

    Well done and a lot of thanks!

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