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Swarping large number of files
06-22-2014, 14:39
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Swarping large number of files

I've been using swarp to combine decent amount of images (say about 3000, each of them about 2000x2000 and 36 mb).
When I use about 50 of them, all seems to go pretty well, but things go wrong when I try to swarp all of them.

I don't get any error messages and the image seems to be the correct size but it's filled with 0's in places where it shouldn't be.

I altered the values in the default file to allow the use of more memory and the computer should have more then the necessary memory requirements.
Any idea on what could be the problem?
I use the 32-bit version of Swarp, is this a problem for the larger files even when I change the memory parameters?

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