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92 First import for debian packaging files. A new rule 'make deb' has been defined in the Fixing some old warning in xml.c. marmo 1991d 01h /
91 Tagged version 1.12. bertin 2069d 18h /
90 Updated FITS and WCS library.
Pushed version number to 1.12.
bertin 2069d 18h /
89 Added missing LICENSE file in src/wcs subdirectory.
Added support for AVX instructions in Intel compiler options.
bertin 3026d 18h /
88 Updated license info in file headers and documentation (changed from CeCILL to GPL v3+).
Pushed version number to 1.10.
bertin 3309d 11h /
87 Fixed TFORM error message in fitshead.c (thanks to S.Guieu). bertin 3407d 22h /
86 Updated to the latest version of the FITS library.
Removed redundant update_tab() calls.
Fixed fistpick() issue with slashes within strings (thanks to F.Schuller).
bertin 3425d 21h /
85 Added --enable-auto-flags.
Added --enable-best-link configure option.
Added rpm-best option in
Cleaned up configure file.
Pushed version number to 1.9.0.
bertin 3720d 16h /
84 Added filtering of non-numerical characters for floating-point FITS keywords (thanks to D.G. Bonfield for the suggestion).
Included Chiara's MissFITS fix in fitspick().
bertin 3831d 21h /
83 Tagged release. bertin 3873d 20h /
82 Pushed version number to 1.8.10. bertin 3874d 19h /
81 Fixed icc 11 compilations options on x86-64 architecture.
Cleaned up obsolete references.
Added favicon to XSLT filter.
bertin 3882d 16h /
80 Forgot a small aesthetic improvement to the XSLT filter. bertin 3882d 21h /
79 Updated XSLT filter (AstrOmatic theme). bertin 3882d 21h /
78 Cleaned up RPM options.
Fixed rpm build issue on Fedora Core 10.
Fixed display of max thread number in configure help.
Set the license string to CeCILL in the .spec file.
Pushed version number to 1.8.9.
bertin 3891d 12h /
77 Set mime-type property of WeightWatcher doc to application/pdf bertin 3904d 15h /
76 remove junks marmo 3971d 19h /
75 change directory name marmo 3971d 19h /
74 Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Updated autotools scripts (thanks to Greg Daues for pointing this out).
Updated compiler autoconfiguration script.
Updated .spec RPM script.
Added rpm-icc target.
Version is now 1.8.8.
bertin 4063d 21h /
73 Fixed error in the y^2.x^4 PV monomial (found by R.Haigron & J.Guibert). bertin 4329d 17h /

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