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151 Added option to disallow negative pixels in tile-compressed output. This is enabled for the weight map but not image. rhenders 2064d 15h /trunk/
150 Fixed bug with file access wrong for non-tile-compressed case rhenders 2116d 13h /trunk/
147 Modified the WCS library to accept defaut values for lambda and mu in CEA and CYP rectangular projections. bertin 2158d 16h /trunk/
146 Now, when no tile-compressed extensions found, CFitsIO file pointer is closed. Is not a complete fix for, but should help in some cases, Bug #446. rhenders 2159d 15h /trunk/
145 Fixed issue with automated field dimensioning around RA=0h (thanks to T.Erben).
Pushed version number to 2.38.1.
bertin 2382d 02h /trunk/
144 Added cfitsio support for tile-compressed files (from RoyBranch) rhenders 2519d 11h /trunk/
137 Applied bugfix to bufmin array from D. Gruen. bertin 2544d 06h /trunk/
136 Added COMBINE_TYPE CLIPPED procedure from Gruen et al. 2014 ( (Thanks to D.Gruen for providing the patch).
Made package compliant with the -Werror=format-security flag (thanks to Sergio Pascual).
Pushed version number to 2.38.0.
bertin 2544d 10h /trunk/
135 Removed debug printout inadvertently left in WCS header code.
Pushed version number to 2.37.1.
bertin 2647d 11h /trunk/
134 Fixed issues with PCi_j WCS keywords as reported by forum member jeffreyrdcs.
Pushed version number to 2.37.0
bertin 2659d 11h /trunk/
126 Fixed flux scaling issue in FSCALASTROTYPE VARIABLE mode reported by "gradstudent" and in 2012, and Eli Rykoff more recently (this had unfortunately slipped through the cracks).
Ran aclocal+automake+autoconf as an attempt to fix dependency towards (libtool) in some configurations (thanks to bmv).
Pushed version number to 2.36.2.
bertin 2773d 16h /trunk/
125 Made WEIGHT_THRESH active when RESAMPLE is set to N (applies only to floating point combination modes).
Tweaked CRPIX rounding to fix the shifting issue in RESAMPLE N mode (thanks to Eli Rykoff for reporting this issue).
Pushed version number to 2.36.1.
bertin 2815d 14h /trunk/
124 Added NOPENFILES_MAX option to limit the number of open file descriptors while combining images (based on a patch by Julian Taylor).
Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Updated autoconfiguration files.
Pushed version number to 2.35.0.
bertin 2887d 10h /trunk/
113 Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Fixed compilation warnings with Mac OS X INTEL compiler.
bertin 3020d 13h /trunk/
112 Fixed stability issues with flag map co-addition.
Fixed minor issue with the reading of TNX and TPV WCS coefficients.
Fixed obsolete autoconf macros and various configuration issues in
Increased accuracy of reverse astrometric mapping.
Updated FITS library to latest version.
Pushed version number to 2.34.0.
bertin 3144d 10h /trunk/
111 Fixed (TBC) another 32bit limitation in coadd buffer size (thanks to AstrOmatic forum member Mike Read).
Added support for WCS projection type "TPV" (both in input and output).
Increased the maximum number of threads allowed to 1024.
Version number pushed to 2.32.1.
bertin 3228d 04h /trunk/
110 Removed 32bit limitation in coadd buffer size (thanks to AstrOmatic forum member kbarbary).
Improved displayed info for memory allocation failures.
Updated Copyright display line (2012).
Pushed version number to 2.30.1.
bertin 3338d 10h /trunk/
109 Fixed issue when distortion polynomials with a very high degree (>7) would be re
Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Fixed XSLT path configure error on FreeBSD (thanks to Michal Kocer).
Pushed version number to 2.30.
bertin 3348d 13h /trunk/
108 Fixed issue with doc/ subdirectory in RPM installation. bertin 3492d 10h /trunk/
107 Added new COMBINE_TYPE MEDIAN_WEIGHT and WEIGHTED_WEIGHT options to apply the same operation to data as it is for weights in COMBINE_TYPE WEIGHTED and MEDIAN.
Added special handling of image rescaling factors for WEIGHTED_WEIGHT and MEDIAN_WEIGHT COMBINE_TYPEs.
Fixed typo in CHI-MEAN and CHI-MODE processing of bad pixels.
Added support for RADESYS WCS keyword (non-standard RADECSYS still supported).
Pushed version number to 2.29.
bertin 3496d 10h /trunk/

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