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154 Fixed suspicious condition (assignment + comparison) in resample.c (thanks to D.Binderman).
Pushed version number to 2.40.1.
bertin 1695d 15h /branches/
153 Added support for list of input image headers with the new HEADER_NAME keyword. With an empty list (the default) or with empty filenames, headers are picked up according to their filename suffix as with previous versions (feature request from F.Menanteau).
Added support for independent output image header filenames with the new HEADEROUT_NAME. If the filename is empty (the default), the header is picked up according to its filename suffix as with previous versions.
Added support for NaNs in resampled floating point images, which are now treated as pixels with 0 weight (feature request from H.Bouy).
Fixed issue with WCS parameters PCi_j (thanks to O.Fors).
Updated WCS keyword support (RADESYS,etc.).
Pushed version number to 2.40.0.
bertin 1749d 06h /branches/
152 Fixed offset with ecliptic coordinates (Thanks to H.Bouy for reporting this issue).
Pushed version number to
bertin 1921d 14h /branches/
149 Synchronized with r147 of the trunk.
Pushed version number to
bertin 2158d 14h /branches/
148 Created SWarp branch that does not require the CFITSIO library, for legacy applications. bertin 2158d 15h /branches/
143 Merged chnages from trunk (version 2.38.0) rhenders 2519d 11h /branches/
142 Merged chnages from trunk (version 2.38.0) rhenders 2519d 11h /branches/
141 some fixes to cfitsio indexing; tile-compressed writing now safer rhenders 2520d 11h /branches/
140 Fixed some potentially dangerous indexing for cfitsio case rhenders 2520d 11h /branches/
139 cfitsio controlled files were being closed twice rhenders 2521d 11h /branches/
133 Removed unecessary include of fitsio2.h rhenders 2710d 17h /branches/
132 pulled CFitsIO image reading stuff into separate function. Now being used from read_ibody() as well as read_body() rhenders 2710d 17h /branches/
131 PCOUNT is non-zero for tile-compressed images, hence screwing stuff up. This is a temporary hack around the problem rhenders 2716d 11h /branches/
130 tabsize was not being set correctly for tile-compressed images rhenders 2716d 11h /branches/
129 Adding function to close CFitsIO opened-files rhenders 2717d 11h /branches/
128 Slight hack to prevent '.fits' ending up in output filenames when the input has been tile-compressed, i.e. '.fits.fz' rhenders 2744d 14h /branches/
127 Merged current trunk (Rev: 126) into this branch rhenders 2745d 15h /branches/
123 Added safety feature to prevent attempts to read from pixel '0' with cfitsio (pixels increment from 1) rhenders 2904d 11h /branches/
122 Fixed issue where tile-compressed weight extensions were not being read rhenders 2906d 10h /branches/
121 Fixed issue where all files would crash (introduced during last merge); fixed issue where tile-compressed images could not be processed when resampling turned on; better integrated cfitsio reading calls into read_body() function. rhenders 2918d 10h /branches/

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