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382 Activated support for priors in model fitting (currently only spheroid aspect ratio).
Restricted model rasters to 512 pixels.
Updated MKL autoconf M4 file.
Updated WCS library.
Pushed version number to 2.23.2.
Fixed dependency issue between PSFs and some magnitude measurements (thanks to R.Gavazzi).
bertin 942d 14h /trunk/
381 Added missing dgeo.c and dgeo.h files. bertin 1195d 07h /trunk/
380 Fixed PCi_j WCS keyword parsing issue (thanks to O.Fors for reporting this issue).
Fixed issue with magnitudes when used as PSF model parameters (thanks to A.Donnarumma for reporting this issue).
Added ID_PARENT catalog parameter to identify the common parent of deblended sources (thanks to R.McMahon for the suggestion).
Introduced regularization of Sersic model ellipticities based on AMALGAm prescriptions for the Great3 challenge (see Mandelbaum et al. 2015).
Fixed error in ecliptic coordinate computations (thanks to H.Bouy for reporting this issue).
Added support for differential geometry maps, with new DGEO_TYPE and DGEO_IMAGE configuration keywords and new DGEOX/Y_IMAGE and DGEOX/YWIN_IMAGE measurement parameters.
Added differential geometry map correction to model-fitting.
Added VIGNET_DGEOX and VIGNET_DGEOY differential geometry map cutouts in catalogs (for use in PSFEx).
Added support for PSF model dependencies in ASSOC vectors.
Fixed issue with single-line background meshes.
Fixed positional offsets of large galaxy models on MODELS and -MODELS check-images.
Pushed version number to 2.23.1.
bertin 1195d 12h /trunk/
332 Refactored management of aspect ratios in model-fitting.
Pushed version number to 2.19.5.
bertin 1915d 15h /trunk/
323 Fixed positional offsets of large galaxy models on MODELS and -MODELS check-ima\
Pushed version number to 2.19.4.
bertin 2091d 21h /trunk/
321 Added missing reset of measurements parameters at each catalog initialization. bertin 2103d 16h /trunk/
320 Fixed regression with --disable-model-fitting option.
Fixed issue with model fitting measurement leftovers with masked sources (thank
s to E. Rykoff).
Pushed version number to 2.19.3.
bertin 2103d 17h /trunk/
319 Solved issue with --disable-model-fitting configuration option. Pushed version number to 2.19.2 marmo 2129d 08h /trunk/
314 Fixed obsolete SExtractor measurement parameters in "make check" tests. bertin 2160d 14h /trunk/
313 Fixed compilation issue with finitef() function in profit.c on OSX 10.8.
Pushed version number to 2.19.1.
bertin 2160d 14h /trunk/
312 Fixed issue with MINIBACKGROUND and MINIBACK_RMS multi-extension check-images.
Added new measurement parameters:
FLUXRATIO_POINTSOURCE : Point-source flux-to-total ratio from fitting,
FLUXRATIOERR_POINTSOURCE : Uncertainty on point-source flux-to-total ratio,
FLUXRATIO_SPHEROID : Spheroid flux-to-total ratio from fitting,
FLUXRATIOERR_SPHEROID : Uncertainty on spheroid flux-to-total ratio,
FLUXRATIO_DISK : Disk flux-to-total ratio from fitting, and
FLUXRATIOERR_DISK : Uncertainty on disk flux-to-total ratio.
Pushed version number to 2.19.0
bertin 2172d 15h /trunk/
311 Fixed uninitialized 2nd BACK_VALUE in double image + BACK_TYPE MANUAL modes. bertin 2189d 18h /trunk/
310 Fixed missing image name in sex.xml VOTable output in double image mode when input filenames are separated by a comma instead of a space.
Pushed version number to 2.18.12
bertin 2201d 14h /trunk/
309 Fixed issue with ASSOC_TYPE NEAREST (Thanks to V. de Lapparent).
Fixed regression with Eli Rykoff's fixes.
Fixed issue with FFTW includes.
Fixed typos in VOTable output.
Added translation of Boolean T and F to Y and N in XSLT.
Added --with-mkl-dir option in configure.
Pushed version number to 2.18.11.
bertin 2241d 15h /trunk/
307 Added proper correction of model subsampling to SPHEROIDS and DISKS check-images.
Pushed version number to 2.18.9.
bertin 2263d 20h /trunk/
306 Fixed typo in acx_mkl (no consequence here). bertin 2264d 13h /trunk/
305 Added support for Gaussian priors on (transformed) model parameters (deactivated).
Fixed model sub-sampling issues with large objects, including check-image resizing.
Fixed initialization of DETMODEL size guess (thanks to Eli Rykoff).
Fixed image extension pb in double weighting/single image mode.
Improved debug info for memory allocations in FFT and FITS libraries.
Fixed crashes with DETMODEL magnitudes on null measurement weight maps.
Added Eli Rykoff's fix to discard sources with NaNs in the fitted positions.
Improved MKL autoconfiguration.
Improved vectorization in FITS data transformations and FFT-based convolutions.
Pushed SExtractor version number to 3.18.8.
bertin 2265d 07h /trunk/
302 Fixed issue with the position, positional uncertainties and flux of (large) sub-sampled models.
Fixed padding issue for binary FITS catalogs >2GB.
Pushed version number to 2.18.4.
bertin 2457d 12h /trunk/
300 Added support for CORE-AVX2 and CORE-AVC-I optimized code when using INTEL compiler.
Added better control of the number of threads used in MKL library calls (when used).
Pushed version number to 2.18.3.
bertin 2523d 13h /trunk/
298 Fixed issue with --with-fftw-libdir configure option (thanks to John P. Marriner).
Fixed minor issue with the reading of TNX and TPV WCS coefficients.
bertin 2525d 09h /trunk/

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