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382 Activated support for priors in model fitting (currently only spheroid aspect ratio).
Restricted model rasters to 512 pixels.
Updated MKL autoconf M4 file.
Updated WCS library.
Pushed version number to 2.23.2.
Fixed dependency issue between PSFs and some magnitude measurements (thanks to R.Gavazzi).
bertin 792d 18h /
381 Added missing dgeo.c and dgeo.h files. bertin 1045d 12h /
380 Fixed PCi_j WCS keyword parsing issue (thanks to O.Fors for reporting this issue).
Fixed issue with magnitudes when used as PSF model parameters (thanks to A.Donnarumma for reporting this issue).
Added ID_PARENT catalog parameter to identify the common parent of deblended sources (thanks to R.McMahon for the suggestion).
Introduced regularization of Sersic model ellipticities based on AMALGAm prescriptions for the Great3 challenge (see Mandelbaum et al. 2015).
Fixed error in ecliptic coordinate computations (thanks to H.Bouy for reporting this issue).
Added support for differential geometry maps, with new DGEO_TYPE and DGEO_IMAGE configuration keywords and new DGEOX/Y_IMAGE and DGEOX/YWIN_IMAGE measurement parameters.
Added differential geometry map correction to model-fitting.
Added VIGNET_DGEOX and VIGNET_DGEOY differential geometry map cutouts in catalogs (for use in PSFEx).
Added support for PSF model dependencies in ASSOC vectors.
Fixed issue with single-line background meshes.
Fixed positional offsets of large galaxy models on MODELS and -MODELS check-images.
Pushed version number to 2.23.1.
bertin 1045d 16h /
379 Added a filter that is needed for some of the tests. mkuemmel 1389d 21h /
378 Fixed crash with multithreaded code path.
Fixed (temporary) fixed aperture magnitudes.
Fixed VIGNET output.
Fixed header issue in CATALOG_TYPE FITS_LDAC mode.
Added ':' to the list of characters that may be used to separate parameter dimensions (temporary fix to address confusion with ',').
Pushed version number to 3.0a15.
bertin 1414d 00h /
377 Fixed issue with wrong flexion parameter. bertin 1442d 12h /
376 Merged sextractor-multi r326 with sextractor-multi-deblend branch r375.
Pushed version number to 3.0a14.
bertin 1456d 16h /
375 Changed details of the contrast criterion in regular deblending.
Added flexion to Moffat models.
Re-factored scan_extract() function.
Fixed critical bug in object update of the scanning process.
Pushed version number to 3.0b14.
bertin 1456d 18h /
374 Fixed various regressions with regular and model-fitting deblending.
Pushed version number to 3.0a13.
bertin 1549d 00h /
373 Added DEBLEND_MODELS and -DEBLEND_MODELS check image types.
Fixed further issues with model fitting deblending (tuning still ongoing).
Pushed version number to 3.0a12.
bertin 1552d 00h /
372 Added support for variable threshold in subimage extraction (both with and without filtering).
Completed modulation of thresholding in model-fitting deblending.
bertin 1575d 01h /
371 Added NPASS_DEBLEND measurement that returns the number of deblending passes that were necessary to detect the object.
Added DEBLEND_FITTOL configuration parameter that sets the tolerance threshold (as a fraction of the total surface brightness contributed by fitted models) for detecting sources in residuals from deblending model fitting. This is added in quadrature to the actual detection threshold.
Implemented variable thresholding in model-fitting deblending. Implementation in the Lutz algorithm routine still pending.
Added support for variance-map filtering in deblending model-fitting.
Optimized model-subtraction in deblending model-fitting.
Re-factored weight-handling in sub-images and comments about measurement parameters.
Pushed version number to 3.0a11.
bertin 1589d 01h /
370 #340: Some obsolete comments removed. mkuemmel 1634d 22h /
369 #340: Removes a lingering problem which was only circumvented in r368. mkuemmel 1634d 22h /
368 #340: basic implementation of the detection mask. It is not yet parameterized meaning the switches are hard coded. Needs some further testing especially in the multi-grid mode, since SE3 does not run completely through, so no complicated tests can be constructed. mkuemmel 1637d 19h /
367 #338: Some low level routines were equipped with the 'const' qualifier, especially error reporting and warning routines. This removes warning messages when high level routines that have the const-qualifier in their interface, call these error and warning routines. mkuemmel 1639d 20h /
366 Fixed stability issues with advanced iterative deblending; the number of iterations has been pushed to 3. bertin 1651d 16h /
365 Fixed issues that would prevent the output catalog being written.
Fixed issues with looping over detections.
Removed thresholds from objlists.
Fixed bugs in the new deblending (one still present, that prevents further deblending iterations, GROUP_NDEBLENDITER set to 1).
Updated SExtractor configuration in tests.
bertin 1652d 01h /
364 Fixed threshold limit that would not be executed because of an extra semi-colon (thanks to Martin Kuemmel). bertin 1666d 01h /
363 Fixed threshold limit that would not be executed because of an extra semi-colon (thanks to Martin Kuemmel). bertin 1666d 01h /

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