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198 Tagged version 1.5.3 bertin 3886d 07h /tags/1.5.3
195 Cleaned up RPM options.
Fixed rpm build issue on Fedora Core 10.
Fixed display of max thread number in configure help.
Updated icc compilation flags to 11.0 syntax.
Set the license string to CeCILL in the .spec file.
Pushed version number to 1.5.3.
bertin 3886d 07h /trunk
194 Removed PLPlot warnings. bertin 3910d 08h /trunk
193 Fixed bug which would cause the mapping to depend on the ordering of PVs.
Changed software license to CeCILL (French equivalent of GPL).
Fixed SDSS-R6 catalog query (SDSS-R5 was queried instead, thanks J.Moustakas).
Pushed version number to 1.5.2.
bertin 3917d 07h /trunk
192 Added filtering of sources with negative fluxes or saturated in colour-shift estimates. bertin 3936d 07h /trunk
191 Set documentation mime-type. bertin 3950d 04h /trunk
189 Changed trunk directory name root 3959d 10h /trunk
188 Added merged catalogue output.
Added simple computation of formal proper motion errors.
bertin 4055d 03h /software/scamp
187 Updated FITS library to the latest version. bertin 4059d 09h /software/scamp
186 Fixed superfluous -static-intel LDFLAGS in compiler optimization script. bertin 4059d 10h /software/scamp
185 Added rpm-icc target. bertin 4059d 12h /software/scamp
184 Updated autotools scripts (thanks to Greg Daues for pointing this out).
Updated compiler autoconfiguration script.
Version is now 1.5.1.
bertin 4059d 12h /software/scamp
183 Cleaned up configure script a bit. bertin 4089d 10h /software/scamp
182 Fixed duplicated libraries in link line. bertin 4092d 11h /software/scamp
181 Redesigned completely configure and RPM scripts to support dynamic linking with ATLAS, FFTW and PLPlot by default (finally gave up on static linking).
Fixed various issues with FFTW and PLPlot autoconfiguration scripts.
The RPM archive code is now systematically multithreaded.
Added support for PDF and SVG plot outputs.
Pushed version number to 1.5.0.
bertin 4093d 09h /software/scamp
180 Fixed issue with detection of the threaded FFTW library. bertin 4095d 11h /software/scamp
179 Added a specific RPM build command-line to allow proper static linking of libraries like PlPlot while maintaining dynamic linking for libgcc and libpthread. bertin 4119d 11h /software/scamp
178 Fixed overflows of internal chi2s on huge data samples (# of associations >2^31) and the consequences of check-plots.
Pushed version number to 1.4.7.
bertin 4122d 07h /software/scamp
177 Replaced byte-swapping routine with a "safer" version.
Added Aquaterm support in Check-plots.
bertin 4127d 07h /software/scamp
176 Added default library paths to ATLAS autoconf script.
Pushed version number to 1.4.6.
bertin 4182d 07h /software/scamp

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