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334 Fixed query coordinate truncation issue (thanks to forum member olebole for spotting this).
Pushed version number to 2.2.1.
bertin 1700d 21h /
333 Tagged SCAMP release 2.0.4. bertin 1700d 22h /
332 Added missing url.c and url.h. bertin 1700d 22h /
331 Added set of configuration options to generate differential geometry maps for every astrometric instrument.
Refactored astrometric reference catalog download mechanism: does not require CDSclient anymore, now relies on libcurl.
Added support for multiple servers (queried in sequence after connection timeout exceeded).
New REF_TIMEOUT parameter that sets the connection timeout for each server.
Added support for URAT-1 astrometric reference catalog.
Fixed library name issue with the latest version of PLPlot.
Fixed autoconf issue with ATLAS custom installs on Debian.
Pushed version number to 2.2.0.
bertin 1700d 22h /
330 Merging changes from trunk, version 2.0.4 rhenders 1859d 05h /
329 Tagged SCAMP release 2.0.4 bertin 2056d 06h /
328 Fixed issue with obsoleted PLPlot plwid() function removed from PLPlot v5.10+ (thanks to Christophe Ringeval and Leo Singer).
Removed warnings with memory management macros.
Pushed version number to 2.0.4.
bertin 2056d 08h /
327 Fixed bug that would generate flat astrometric solutions for extension #n whenever extension #(n-1) has no source.
Pushed version number to 2.0.3.
bertin 2076d 01h /
326 Fixed numerical stability issue with MATCHing in MOSAIC_TYPE LOOSE mode on some platforms (thanks to J.Kleyna for the fix).
Pushed version number to 2.0.2.
bertin 2112d 07h /
325 Tagged SCAMP release 2.0.1. bertin 2168d 04h /
324 Reverted back to one set of comments per extension in output headers (thanks to Brian Yanny and Michelle Gower).
Fixed "Not a positive definite matrix" error message issue in astrometric solution with the MKL library.
Pushed version number to 2.0.1.
bertin 2180d 20h /
323 Updated documentation. bertin 2196d 05h /
322 Added filtering of Tycho-2 stars without proper motions. bertin 2196d 07h /
321 Fixed issues with trimming of the normal equation matrix in astrometric solver.
Replaced Lapacke function dppsv() with dspsv() which deals better with non positive-definite matrices in the MKL version of the astrometric solver.
Added code for preliminary support of Chebyshev polynomials.
Fixed issue with PCi_j variant of WCS (thanks to forum user jeffreyrdcs).
Added support for Tycho-2 and SDSS-R9 astrometric reference catalogues (thanks to Francois Ochsenbein).
Simplified the astrometric reference query routine.
Generalized acx_atlas.m4 fix for debian distributions (thanks to Thomas Lehmann and Chiara Marmo).
Pushed version number to 2.0.0.
bertin 2196d 08h /
320 Testing linux distribution to link liblapack marmo 2216d 04h /
319 Added FLAGS_IMA column to merged and full output catalogues.
Added missing configuration keywords to XML metadata output/
Pushed version number to 2.0b15.
bertin 2295d 01h /
318 Added new ASTR_IMAFLAGSMASK and PHOT_IMAFLAGSMASK configuration parameters to provide rejection masks specifically for astrometric and photometric operations. This is mostly for NOAO reduced images that feature overzealous bleed correction that makes it impossible to identify saturated stars from the images themselves.
Pushed version number to 2.0b14.
bertin 2295d 02h /
317 Added clipping in automated MATCH resolution procedure to fix issues with excessively large error ellipses (thanks to H.Bouy).
Added omegacam.ahead focal-plane model for Omegacam instrument on VST.
Pushed version number to 2.0b13.
bertin 2315d 19h /
316 Added support for reading tile-compressed image headers exported from CFitsIO version of SWarp rhenders 2379d 02h /
315 New branch for CFitsIO changes rhenders 2379d 03h /

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