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195 QMALLOC passes a string to error, and without the const qualification this
generates compiler warnings about writeable strings
rhl 2782d 03h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
188 Create branch rhl rhl 2784d 10h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
160 Updated file headers with the proper license info. bertin 3776d 06h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
157 Moved back the code to GPL.
Added more complete headers to all files.
Clarified licensing issues.
Updated FITS library.
Pushed version number to 3.9.0.
bertin 3791d 08h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
105 Changed trunk directory name root 4430d 08h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
90 Replaced coefficient vectors with snapshots for tracking PSF variation dependencies in PCA.
Replaced byte-swapping routine with a "safer" one.
bertin 4602d 05h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
4 Added XML_VOTable output in preparation for new diagnostics.
Updated to the latest version of the FITS-LDAC library.
Updated displayed info to the latest Bertin software standards.
Added support for compilation with the INTEL compiler.
Pushed version number to 1.16.
bertin 5116d 05h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
3 Move psfex to public repository baillard 5336d 12h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c
2 first PSFEx import bertin 5610d 09h /branches/rhl/src/fits/fitsmisc.c