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191 Moved functions around, and split makeit and field_init into two parts

N.b. dummies.c isn't linked into the psfex binary
rhl 2583d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
188 Create branch rhl rhl 2585d 15h /branches/rhl/src/
185 Added regularization scheme for variable,non-super-resolved PSF models in the presence of few point sources.
Tweaked degradation scheme of polynom degree (safer behavior).
Set SAMPLE_WFLAGMASK to 0x0000 (deactivated) by default to avoid losing too many "slightly wrong" sources.
Updated WCS library (minor bug fixes).
Updated FITS library (minor bug fixes).
Merged polynomial module with that of the WCS library.
Updated MKL autoconfig script to allow static linking with recent versions of the MKL.
Made dynamic linking with the INTEL compiler truly dynamic.
Pushed version number to 3.15.0.
bertin 2686d 13h /branches/rhl/src/
159 Updated headers.
Added misc.h include file.
bertin 3587d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
157 Moved back the code to GPL.
Added more complete headers to all files.
Clarified licensing issues.
Updated FITS library.
Pushed version number to 3.9.0.
bertin 3592d 13h /branches/rhl/src/
105 Changed trunk directory name root 4231d 13h /branches/rhl/src/
94 Redesigned completely configure and RPM scripts to support dynamic linking with ATLAS, FFTW and PLPlot by default (finally gave up on static linking).
Fixed various issues with FFTW and PLPlot autoconfiguration scripts.
Added support for AquaTerm, PDF and SVG plot outputs.
Pushed version number to 3.2.0.
bertin 4361d 15h /branches/rhl/src/
76 Added FWHM map checkplots.
Renamed psfmef.x to field.x.
bertin 4532d 09h /branches/rhl/src/
75 Added new specific module for handling PSF MEFs.
Added storage of WCS information for diagnostic plots.
bertin 4533d 12h /branches/rhl/src/
73 First operational rewrited version.
Added plotting capabilities.
New PCA features not tested yet.
Version number pushed to 3.0.0.
bertin 4535d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
72 Added specific module to take care of contexts and to filter out PC dependencies "on demand".
bertin 4555d 10h /branches/rhl/src/
61 Added homogenization stuff (not yet functional).
Pushed version number to 2.4.0.
bertin 4615d 09h /branches/rhl/src/
57 Implemented and tested PCA construction. bertin 4653d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
55 Added CHECKIMAGE_CUBE boolean config parameter to save check-images as datacubes (only BASIS types currently).
Added reading of basis vectors but not yet functional.
Removed remaining references to galaxy PCs in code (but still present on repository).
Pushed keyword string max supported length to 32.
Added function comments to psf.c.
bertin 4655d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
35 Removed lmfit library (relies now only on levmar).
Added bounding box limits to fitting parameters.
Pushed version number to 2.0.8.
bertin 4773d 14h /branches/rhl/src/
26 Fixed warnings for patched Levmar during compilation. bertin 4856d 16h /branches/rhl/src/
19 Added levmar library.
Fixed SNAPSHOTS check-images.
Fixed XSL_URL datarootdir pb.
bertin 4877d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
5 Added LMFit library.
Added diagnostic module with 2D Moffat function-fitting (initialization and testing not done yet).
Pushed version number to 2.0b.
bertin 4915d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
4 Added XML_VOTable output in preparation for new diagnostics.
Updated to the latest version of the FITS-LDAC library.
Updated displayed info to the latest Bertin software standards.
Added support for compilation with the INTEL compiler.
Pushed version number to 1.16.
bertin 4917d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
3 Move psfex to public repository baillard 5137d 18h /branches/rhl/src/

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