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57 Implemented and tested PCA construction. bertin 4729d 09h /branches/rhl/src/
56 Fixed and tested loading of external image basis vectors.
Changed several configuration parameter keywords (PSF->SAMPLE, CONTEXT->PSFVAR) to more appropriate designations.
Updated XML output (but not the XSL yet).
Added COMBINE_TYPE config keyword (not yet in operation).
bertin 4730d 10h /branches/rhl/src/
55 Added CHECKIMAGE_CUBE boolean config parameter to save check-images as datacubes (only BASIS types currently).
Added reading of basis vectors but not yet functional.
Removed remaining references to galaxy PCs in code (but still present on repository).
Pushed keyword string max supported length to 32.
Added function comments to psf.c.
bertin 4731d 06h /branches/rhl/src/
54 Removed temporary tweak on iterative source centering parameters. bertin 4732d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
53 Updated ATLAS autoconfig.
Changed PSF_TYPE to BASIS_TYPE, PSF_NSUPER to BASIS_NUMBER, PSF_BETA to BASIS_SCALE to add support for external basis vectors (BASIS_TYPE FILE).
Added BASIS_NAME for external basis vector filename.
Version number pushed to 2.3.0
bertin 4732d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
52 Tuned regularisation factor in super-resolution.
Removed .svn files from source archive.
Version number pushed to 2.2.3.
bertin 4736d 13h /branches/rhl/src/
51 Fixed issue with super-resolution and variable PSFs.
Added simple, naive regularisation for extreme cases.
bertin 4744d 09h /branches/rhl/src/
49 Added Beta configuration parameter.
Improved flexibility of ATLAS configuration.
bertin 4756d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
47 Wrong format in XML Configuration File writing fixed. Added XSLT filter for average , min and max model properties on all extensions. marmo 4765d 11h /branches/rhl/src/
46 Improving XSLT aesthetics. Missing configuration parameters added in XML output. marmo 4770d 07h /branches/rhl/src/
45 Added computation of MSE (no output yet).
Added renormalisation of the PSF model when computing residuals.
bertin 4775d 09h /branches/rhl/src/
44 Reorganized completely psf_refine() to accomodate arbitrary basis vectors.
Fixed overflows and normalization in Gauss-Laguerre polynomials.
Added CHECKIMAGE_TYPE BASIS for visualizing basis vectors.
Reduced by 25% the adaptive sampling step.
Version number pushed to 2.2.1
bertin 4818d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
43 Added support for Gauss-Laguerre vector bases(aka polar shapelets).
Added PSF_TYPE configuration keyword.
Changed meaning of PSF_NSUPER.
Pushed version number to 2.2.0.
bertin 4819d 10h /branches/rhl/src/
42 Removed forgotten square and weighting in RESIDUALS check-image. bertin 4821d 10h /branches/rhl/src/
41 Added circular PSF soft-clipping feature. bertin 4821d 10h /branches/rhl/src/
40 Complete upgrade of the point-source selection and rejection processes.
PSF refinement now done at each rejection step.
Chi2's are now computed within a disk with diameter the size of PSF image.
Added PSF_FLAGMASK advanced configuration parameter.
Version number pushed to 2.1.0.
bertin 4822d 08h /branches/rhl/src/
37 Fixed wrong FWHM boundaries in parameter remapping.
Pushed version number to 2.0.9.
bertin 4847d 13h /branches/rhl/src/
36 Set narrower constraints for PSF axes. bertin 4849d 12h /branches/rhl/src/
35 Removed lmfit library (relies now only on levmar).
Added bounding box limits to fitting parameters.
Pushed version number to 2.0.8.
bertin 4849d 12h /branches/rhl/src/
34 Updated the FITS library to the latest version. bertin 4849d 16h /branches/rhl/src/

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