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191 Moved functions around, and split makeit and field_init into two parts

N.b. dummies.c isn't linked into the psfex binary
rhl 2583d 09h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
188 Create branch rhl rhl 2585d 16h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
187 Fixed MKL autoconfiguration issues on OSX.
Added --with-mkl-dir=<dir> option to configure.
Fixed broken configure --disable-plplot option.
Pushed version number to 3.15.2.
bertin 2625d 16h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
185 Added regularization scheme for variable,non-super-resolved PSF models in the presence of few point sources.
Tweaked degradation scheme of polynom degree (safer behavior).
Set SAMPLE_WFLAGMASK to 0x0000 (deactivated) by default to avoid losing too many "slightly wrong" sources.
Updated WCS library (minor bug fixes).
Updated FITS library (minor bug fixes).
Merged polynomial module with that of the WCS library.
Updated MKL autoconfig script to allow static linking with recent versions of the MKL.
Made dynamic linking with the INTEL compiler truly dynamic.
Pushed version number to 3.15.0.
bertin 2686d 14h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
184 Added support for FLAGS_WEIGHT and IMAFLAGS_ISO filtering of input detections: SAMPLE_WFLAGMASK and SAMPLE_IMAFLAGMASK config parameters can be used to control filtering.
Missing ELONGATION and FLAGS parameters now lead to a warning instead of a fatal error.
Pushed version number to 3.14.0.
bertin 2944d 14h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
183 Fixed serious bug with MEF input catalogues in automatic mode: would use first extension to set valid FWHM range and PSF sampling step of all other extensions.
Added support for CORE-AVX2 and CORE-AVC-I optimized code when using INTEL compiler.
Added better control of the number of threads used in MKL library calls (when used).
Added PSF sampling step information in all output check-image headers (PSF_SAMP keyword).
Fixed minor issue with the reading of TNX and TPV WCS coefficients.
Pushed version number to 3.13.0.
bertin 2944d 20h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
180 Fixed obsolete autoconf macros in
Added control of the number of threads in MKL calls.
Added support for negative NTHREADS (= max number of threads).
Pushed version number to 3.12.1
bertin 2952d 14h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
178 Added support for the INTEL MKL library in place of ATLAS and FFTW (configure --enable-mkl option).
Replaced --with-plplot configure option with --enable-plplot and --with-plplot-libdir.
Replaced --with-atlas configure option with --with-atlas-libdir.
Replaced --with-fftw configure option with --with-fftw-libdir.
Updated LevMar library to V2.6.
Pushed version number to 3.12.0.
bertin 2953d 12h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
177 Fixed crashes with new diagnostics in world units.
Pushed version number to 3.11.4.
bertin 2968d 07h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
176 Added FWHMs and pixel scale in world units in VOTable metadata output.
Added provisional display of FWHMs in arcsec in XSLT.
Fixed XSLT translation issue with VOTable V1.1 format.
Fixed issue with TPV CTYPEs in WCS library.
Increased accuracy of astrometric reverse mapping in WCS library.
Updated FITS library to latest version.
Pushed version number to 3.11.3.
bertin 2976d 07h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
175 Fixed compliance issues with VOTable (V1.1) metadata output.
Pushed version number to 3.11.2.
bertin 2995d 18h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
174 Fixed issue with plcol() on recent versions of PLPlot.
Increased default maximum number of threads set by configure to 1024.
Added support for TPV WCS distortion scheme.
Pushed version number to 3.11.1.
bertin 3038d 15h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
172 Fixed focal plane sampling issue with multithreaded diagnostics.
Added GREAT10 check-image type.
bertin 3234d 18h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
171 Multi-threaded diagnostic part.
Added RESIDUALS_GRID and SAMPLES_GRID check-images.
Fixed small memory leak.
Pushed version number to 3.10.1.
bertin 3238d 07h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
170 Added support for AVX in Intel compiler options. bertin 3293d 16h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
168 Added PSF_BETA output in homegenisation kernel headers.
Fixed crash with very long catalogue filenames.
Pushed version number to 3.9.4.
bertin 3388d 18h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
167 Added Noise equivalent area to output XML and XSLT stylesheet.
Pushed version number to 3.9.2.
bertin 3491d 07h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
161 Fixed pb with XSLT comment.
Fixed sorting issue because of a missing declaration.
Version number pushed to 3.9.1.
bertin 3568d 08h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
157 Moved back the code to GPL.
Added more complete headers to all files.
Clarified licensing issues.
Updated FITS library.
Pushed version number to 3.9.0.
bertin 3592d 14h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1
156 Updated README and website links.
Moved LevMar calls to double precision.
Fixed a resampling normalization bug introduced in r150 (thanks to N. Sevilla).
Pushed version number to 3.8.2.
bertin 3622d 13h /branches/rhl/man/psfex.1

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