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210 Added Sphinx version of the documentation.
Put all M4 files in the m4/ sub-directory.
Removed all intermediary autotools files from the repository, and added the script to regenerate them.
bertin 1649d 01h /
209 PSFEx now loads all sources, including those that are excluded by selection criteria; excluded sources are present in the output PSFEx catalog (with FLAGS_PSF != 0).
Added FLAGS_PSF,FWHM_PSF,ELLIP_PSF and SNR_PSF columns in output catalog. Here is the meaning of the various FLAGS_PSF bits (in hexadecimal):
0x0001 : rejected because of a high chi2 while iterating the PSF model.
0x0002 : rejected because of input SEx flags (e.g., saturation).
0x0004 : rejected because of input SEx weight flags.
0x0008 : rejected because of input SEx IMAFLAGS_ISO.
0x0010 : rejected because of SNR (too low).
0x0020 : rejected because of FWHM out of selection range.
0x0040 : rejected because of excessive ellipticity.
0x0080 : rejected because of too many bad pixels (=0 weight)
Added new SELECTION_FWHM check-plot, showing FWHM vs SNR for all (red) and selected (black) sources.
Pushed version number to 3.18.0.
bertin 1866d 01h /
208 Fixed issue with yet another change to the PLPlot library (plplotd -> plplot)...
Pushed version number to 3.17.4.
bertin 2068d 05h /
207 Fixed issue with obsolete PLPlot command plwid().
Pushed version number to 3.17.3.
bertin 2089d 17h /
206 Added missing src/cathead.h (thanks to C.Marmo).
Pushed version number to 3.17.2.
bertin 2467d 18h /
205 Tagged version 3.17.1 bertin 2487d 06h /
204 Added missing files.
Pushed version number to 3.17.1.
bertin 2487d 06h /
203 Tagged PSFEx release 3.17.0. bertin 2494d 01h /
202 Added new OUTCAT_NAME and OUTCAT_TYPE experimental options to write a catalog of detections that were used by PSFEx to compute the PSF model (OUTCAT_TYPE is NONE by default: no catalog is written).
Pushed version number to 3.17.0.
bertin 2494d 01h /
201 Tagged release. bertin 2515d 03h /
200 Made package compliant with the -Werror=format-security flag (thanks to Sergio Pascual).
Generalized acx_atlas.m4 fix for Debian distributions (thanks to Thomas Lehmann and Chiara Marmo).
Pushed version number to 3.16.1.
bertin 2515d 03h /
199 Added support for vector elements in PSFVAR_KEYS.
Updated WCS library (fixed issues with PCi_j WCS keywords as reported by forum member jeffreyrdcs for SWarp).
Included fixes and some of the changes proposed by R.Lupton.
Pushed version number to 3.16.0.
bertin 2600d 20h /
198 Initialise gainflag. This must be a bug in psfex rhl 2740d 17h /
197 Declare variables in headers explicitly extern (and define them somewhere) rhl 2740d 17h /
196 When psfex is used as a library, it's possible for a fieldstruct to contain no fields rhl 2740d 17h /
195 QMALLOC passes a string to error, and without the const qualification this
generates compiler warnings about writeable strings
rhl 2740d 17h /
194 We need to call end_wcs but we can't call the real one (as external callers
of the psfex library may not be using exactly the same wcs struct). So we'll
cleanup and set the wcs to NULL

It would be better to clean up the interface to wcs.

N.b. wcs_scale is only used for diagnostics, so returning NaN is (marginally) OK
rhl 2740d 17h /
193 Added missing prototype for context_end rhl 2740d 17h /
192 Factor out wcs_dist's internals so as to be independent of the wcs class rhl 2740d 17h /
191 Moved functions around, and split makeit and field_init into two parts

N.b. dummies.c isn't linked into the psfex binary
rhl 2740d 17h /

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