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77 Fixed PCi_j WCS keyword parsing issue (thanks to O.Fors for reporting this issue).
Fixed error in ecliptic coordinate computations (thanks to H.Bouy for reporting this issue).
Pushed version number to 2.8.1.
bertin 1037d 17h /trunk/
76 First import for debian packaging files. A new rule 'make deb' has been defined in the marmo 1687d 19h /trunk/
75 Removed -static-libtool-libs from link line. bertin 1765d 18h /trunk/
73 Updated FITS and WCS library.
Changed default SPLIT_SUFFIX and SLICE_SUFFIX number field to %03d
Pushed version number to 2.8.0.
bertin 1765d 19h /trunk/
72 Added support for AVX instruction in Intel compiler options. bertin 2722d 19h /trunk/
71 Added missing LICENSE file in wcs directory and fixed bertin 3006d 16h /trunk/
70 Updated file headers once more.
Updated documentation.
bertin 3006d 19h /trunk/
69 Moved back the code to GPL.
Added more complete headers to all files.
Clarified licensing issues.
Updated FITS library.
Update prefs handling
Pushed version number to 1.5.0.
bertin 3021d 23h /trunk/
68 Fixed TFORM error message in fitshead.c (thanks to S.Guieu). bertin 3103d 22h /trunk/
67 Removed redundant update_tab() calls. bertin 3121d 22h /trunk/
66 Fixed fitspick() issue with slashes within strings (thanks to F.Schuller). bertin 3121d 22h /trunk/
64 Fixed FTP address in doc. bertin 3185d 14h /trunk/
63 Updated ChangeLog. bertin 3185d 19h /trunk/
62 Fixed bug that would generate an abort trap on MacOS X.
Fixed minor compilation warnings on MacOS X.Added a copy of the CeCILL version 2 license and updated the COPYRIGHT file.
Added support for 64 bit binary table elements in FITS library (thanks to J.P. McFarland).
Improved precision of the processing time estimation.
Updated documentation.
Pushed version number to 2.4.
bertin 3185d 19h /trunk/
61 Fixed cosmetic issue and author names in XML output.
Fixed warnings while generating the configure (thanks to S.Pascual).
bertin 3393d 16h /trunk/
60 Added --enable-auto-flags.
Added --enable-best-link configure option.
Added rpm-best option in
Cleaned up configure file.
Pushed version number to 2.3.0.
bertin 3416d 16h /trunk/
59 Added filtering of non-numerical characters for floating-point FITS keywords (thanks to D.G. Bonfield for the suggestion). bertin 3527d 21h /trunk/
58 New fitspick() fix with 80th character scan added. bertin 3531d 16h /trunk/
57 fitspick uninitialised value(s) fixed marmo 3531d 23h /trunk/
55 Fixed references to COPYRIGHT file.
Pushed version number to 2.2.11.
bertin 3570d 21h /trunk/

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