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44 Added support for AVX instructions in Intel compiler options. bertin 2787d 11h /trunk/
43 Yet another update to file headers. bertin 3071d 15h /trunk/
42 More fiddling with license. bertin 3086d 17h /trunk/
41 Moved back the code to GPL.
Added more complete headers to all files.
Clarified licensing issues.
Updated FITS library.
Pushed version number to 1.6.
bertin 3087d 06h /trunk/
40 Fixed TFORM error message in fitshead.c (thanks to S.Guieu). bertin 3168d 15h /trunk/
39 Removed redundant update_tab() calls. bertin 3186d 14h /trunk/
38 Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Fixed fistpick() issue with slashes within strings (thanks to F.Schuller).
bertin 3186d 15h /trunk/
37 Added --enable-auto-flags.
Added --enable-best-link configure option.
Added rpm-best option in
Cleaned up configure file.
Pushed version number to 1.5.0.
bertin 3481d 09h /trunk/
36 Added filtering of non-numerical characters for floating-point FITS keywords (thanks to D.G. Bonfield for the suggestion).
Included Chiara's MissFITS fix in fitspick().
bertin 3592d 14h /trunk/
34 Fixed reference to COPYRIGHT file.
Pushed version number to 1.4.1.
bertin 3635d 13h /trunk/
33 Cleaned up RPM options.
Cleaned up junk in FITS library directory.
Fixed rpm build issue on Fedora Core 10.
Fixed display of max thread number in configure help.
Set the license string to CeCILL in the .spec file.
bertin 3643d 10h /trunk/
32 Set mime-type property of EyE doc to application/pdf bertin 3663d 13h /trunk/
30 Changed trunk directory name root 3725d 10h /trunk/
29 Updated autotools scripts (thanks to Greg Daues for pointing this out).
Updated compiler autoconfiguration script.
Removed libfits library.
bertin 3825d 09h /software/eye/
28 Fixed bug in reading image during background map construction.
Fixed issue with NTHREADS (but no parallelization yet!).
bertin 3832d 12h /software/eye/
27 Updated autoconf scripts (RPM binaries are now dynamically linked by default)..
Updated FITS library to the latest version.
Pushed version number to 1.4.0
bertin 3833d 16h /software/eye/
26 rpm building generalised. marmo 4295d 07h /software/eye/
25 Move eye to public repository baillard 4631d 14h /software/eye/
24 Doc: updated front-page bertin 4736d 09h /softwareTERAPIX/eye/
23 Cleaned up the code and autoconf files.
Doc: added the full .tex and ps components
bertin 4737d 05h /softwareTERAPIX/eye/

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