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TFORM Variable Lengh Array
07-07-2010, 00:44
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TFORM Variable Lengh Array
I realized that missfits didn't handle bin tables with Variable Lengh Array facility, concretely TFORMn keyword in the form (for instance) 1PB(3209).
So I wasn't able to handle some Ukirt datas.

Can I expect that it will be implemented in the future ?

PS: there is a small bug in fitshead.c line 274: error(EXIT_FAILURE, "*Internal Error*: Unkwown T_TYPE for ", str);
It should be 'strk' instead of 'str'
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07-20-2010, 12:38
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RE: TFORM Variable Lengh Array
Hi Sylvain,

thanks for reporting this problem. Yes unfortunately, variable length arrays are not yet supported in the FITS library that comes with MissFITS (and all other AstrOmatic packages). The reason is that variable length arrays were not strictly part of the FITS standard when the library was written. I hope I can find the time to add support for them in the future; but this will not be before a long time I am afraid.
Thanks also for reporting the bug about the error message. It is now fixed in all development versions of the software.
- Emmanuel.
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