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MEF + ds9 .reg files
05-27-2008, 15:04
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MEF + ds9 .reg files
Hello all,

I'm having problems with specifying polygon data for more than one extension of a MEF image in WeightWatcher. I wish to mask out the same area from chip1 & chip2, which are contained within one MEF image; my ds9 region file reads:

# Region file format: DS9 version 4.0
# Filename: /media/sda3/djs/WHT_0705_pipelined/flats/[extension2]
global color=green font="helvetica 10 normal" select=1 highlite=1 edit=1 move=1 delete=1 include=1 fixed=0 source

... but it is only applied to the first extension of the weight map that weightwatcher produces.

Does anyone know how to get this region applied to both extensions?


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05-30-2008, 19:47
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RE: MEF + ds9 .reg files
Hello dsmith,
you have only one polygon in your region file, hence only one polygon is applied by weightwatcher.
Try to open a MEF image with ds9 and create one polygon for each extension: you will see that the .reg syntax is different from single image.
Weightwatcher needs a 'ds9-MEF-syntax' in order to understand on which extension the polygon has to be applied.

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