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SATLEV activated?
11-21-2007, 05:47
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SATLEV activated?
I just updated my swarp build to 2.16.4 and tried adding in the SATLEV keywords, but I don't see any results.
This is what my swarp file looks like where I did the addition:
GAIN_KEYWORD EGAIN # FITS keyword for effect. gain (e-/ADU)
GAIN_DEFAULT 2.3 # Default gain if no FITS keyword found
# 0 = infinity (all or for each image)

I was thinking that it would kill off the blooms in co-addition.
Is SATLEV actived in the latest build?
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11-21-2007, 09:58
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RE: SATLEV activated?
Hi sf16imager.
using the SATLEV parameters produces a SATURATE keyword in the coadded image. That keyword contains the saturation level of the stack computed combining input saturation levels and FLXSCALEs.
If you define a SATLEV_KEYWORD and swarp cannot find it in the images, then the SATLEV_DEFAULT value is used for all input images.

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