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QUA22_D80 - Mariabs - 10-19-2010 10:45

i want just ask if QUA22_D80 parameter in refer to 22.5 degrees of elevation or to zenithal distance.
Thank you for help.

RE: QUA22_D80 - Emmanuel Bertin - 12-08-2010 14:50

Hi Marianna,

my answer problably comes a bit late, sorry Sad ; QUA22_D80 has nothing to do with zenithal distance or elevation, it refers to the aberration coefficient of the quadrifoil (or quatrefoil) quasi-Zernike polynomial component with 22.5 deg orientation Z(-4;4). The D80 refers to the angular diameter of the disk that encloses 80% of the total spot light when only this specific component is considered.
- Emmanuel.