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Please read: forum guidelines - Emmanuel Bertin - 09-22-2009 16:23

The AstrOmatic Forum is now open! Here are a few guidelines to help us make the forums the best place to exchange information and ideas.
When registering please:
* Let us know your real name and affiliation when applicable. These are primarily professional forums, and one would like to know more or less who is posting.
* Do not create multiple accounts for a single individual.

When posting, replying and browsing these forums please:
* Use the English language (or something close to it Rolleyes ) at all times
* Stick to the Netiquette . In particular: keep on topic; no bashing, no personal attacks or discussion about illegal activities.
* Search before posting; check that your question has not already been answered.
* Do not post the same question to multiple forums.
* Use attachments wisely. Do not hesitate to post log excerpts as attachments. Avoid archive files (.tar.gz or .zip) for posting small sets of diagnostic plots or images for instance.
* Share information. Although we understand that PM (personal mails) may be necessary when dealing with "sensitive" data, they should be kept to a minimum.

If you feel that a particular forum somehow related to AstrOmatic activities could be added to those already existing, we can probably host it for you!
Thank you!