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PSF file and format for SkyMaker - dgmonet - 07-03-2008 22:12

It would be nice to use SkyMaker for simulated Kepler spacecraft images. It appears that
setting SEEING_TYPE NONE is sufficient to turn off the seeing terms, but I didn't
find a template PSF or instructions for the format and content of a psf.fits file.

Otherwise, many thanks for all the very useful software, etc. Maybe I just didn't
find the link or discussion while grepping around. If so, sorry in advance.


Off topic: My username should be dgmonet (Dave Monet) as differint from the
typo I made when I originally registerd. How/where can I make this change?

RE: PSF file and format for SkyMaker - Emmanuel Bertin - 12-02-2008 17:45

(sorry for the insane delay in answering this post). Unfortunately SkyMaker does not have any documentation, and I don't see how I could find the time to write one in the foreseable future Rolleyes. You may use an external tabulated PSF model stored as a mypsf.fits (basic) FITS file using the following command-line arguments: -PSF_TYPE FILE -PSF_NAME mypsf.fits. mypsf.fits should contain a generously sampled (4+ pixels / FWHM) image of the PSF, centered in the frame. It is advised to use an image with an odd number of pixels on each axis to avoid confusion. The PSF_OVERSAMP configuration keyword should be used to specify the oversampling factor; the most recent versions of SkyMaker support non-integer oversampling factors.
- Emmanuel.

PS: I fixed your login name.