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SWarp packaged for Fedora - spascual - 06-23-2008 07:52


I have packaged swarp to be used with Fedora. It's currently in updates-testing repositories for F-8 and F-9.

I would appreciate if some of the swarp users could install the rpm version and test if it works as it should.

Fedora 9 package:
Fedora 8 package:

Please add a comment/karma in the fedora updates page to speed up the inclusion of swarp in Fedora.

Regards, Sergio

RE: SWarp packaged for Fedora - Emmanuel Bertin - 10-23-2008 15:15

Thanks a lot Sergio!

On a side note I am happy to report that the forthcoming release of RPMs for SWarp, SExtractor, SCAMP, etc. will be Fedora-friendly (including dependencies towards libraries such as FFTW and ATLAS).
- Emmanuel.