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Strange behaviour with PIXEL_SIZE > 1 - setten3 - 02-25-2016 00:28

Hi all,

I am experimenting with SkyMaker (v 3.10.5 on various *nix systems), and while I'll admit I'm no expert, I've found a behaviour I can't understand.

I'm interested in making some images with quite a large pixel scale (ie, >1). However, using PIXEL_SIZE values >1 results in output images where either a) every pixel has the value SATUR_LEVEL, or b) every pixel is NaN. The outcome depends on the chosen value for PIXEL_SIZE, with values close to 1 producing fully saturated images, and larger values seemingly producing NaN images.

I have experimented at length with altering other values in the .conf files, but no matter what I do, this behaviour persists.

Could someone with a better understanding of SkyMaker explain why this occurs, and if there is any way to work around it, and create images with a larger pixel scale?

Much appreciated!