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Structure in noise - - 01-30-2015 20:43

Hi Emmanuel et al.,

When I dump a default configuration file and generate an image, the noise in the background of the image shows clear structure (see attached). Is this a bug or a feature? If the latter (assuming it's trying to simulate some bias structure) is there some way I can control it?

Thank you,

Roberto Abraham
University of Toronto

P.S. Here is what I did to generate the FITS file in the screenshot.

$ sky -d > sky.conf

$ sky -c sky.conf
----- SkyMaker 3.10.5 started on 2015-01-30 at 14:36:52 with 8 threads

Pupil range: 4.0-4125.3mm / Subsampling: 1X / ro=23.0cm / motion=0.00'' rms
208 sources added
> All done (in 0.4 s: 480.7 sources/s)
$ ds9 sky.fits